Hello, I’m Sammy

I’m a Former Marine turned Project Manager. If I’m not managing someone else’s projects, I’m working on my own:

My Current Projects & Side Hustles
🏅 PerksForVets – A newsletter for veterans
👋🏼 Helloi.am – Your friendly link-in-bio. Here’s mine

Past / Sunsetted Projects
⛅️ MyMilitaryClassifieds (2006) – Think Craigslist with a military twist
⛅️ PatriotLaundry (2007) – A laundry Pickup/Drop-off service for Marines living aboard Camp Pendleton
⛅️ PatriotPostal (2007-Never launched) – A postal storage and scanning service that allowed Marines the ability to view their postal mail while deployed or stationed abroad

A Little More About Me
❤️ I’m a dad (all over 18 now 🙌🏼 😬)
📚 I’m a big fan of books. I typically 🎧 to them
⛺️ I enjoy hiking, camping & all things outdoors
☕️ / 🍺 I’m a Coffee & Craft Beer Drinker
⛩ Lived in Japan for 4yrs. Climbed 🏔 Mt Fuji x 2